Reimage Review

Reimage review – my honest opinion

Reimage review

*** Important update:
Recently I’ve been getting several complaints from Reimage customers, saying it caused quite a few problems in their PC. System crashing, windows not loading, etc.

And even worse, people were complaining about Reimage customer service – apparently their response time is too slow, if at all…It’s difficult to say if it represents a large portion of their users, or just something random.

However, after hearing it, I can no longer recommend this software, atleast not until they manage to fix these issues, and more important, provide a proper customer support to their users.

Once they do that – I would consider recommending them again, after rechecking it.

I’ve been looking for several alternatives to Reimage repair tool. I hope to have a comprehensive review of the leading softwares in this field.

In the meanwhile, I found a fairly good tool called “System Mechanic 14″, by iolo technologies.
It looks like a good solution for improving speed and performance of PCs.
You can read my detailed review of iolo System Mechanic 14 Pro.

Experience has taught me that any PC is bound to become slower as time passes by. It might be because of hardware obsoleteness, but that for sure is only applicable for the long run.
In the short run case however, I think it’s more on the software side where the problem lingers. A good symptom of this is best described when error messages begin popping up on your screen.Once you detect such symptom, my advice is to get a PC repairing tool.
Don’t worry with the searching part coz there are a throng of them online, among the top five PC repair tools online are DIAL A FIX, LSP-FIX, AUTORUN DETECTER, Tune-Up Utilities, and Reimage.
But believe me, getting a good repair tool could prove to be a daunting task.

I, myself, have experienced the hassle of finding a good PC repair tool.
The challenge was to find the right repair tool that offers well balanced features.
And it was not after many hours of searching did I finally find something that really caught my attention.

The name of the repair tool that grabbed my attention is Reimage PC Repair Tool, and I instantly tried it out.
Because of my bad experience with searching for a good PC repair software solution, I decided to write a review for the product Reimage PC Repair Tool, so that others may be guided with what’s really in store for them if they choose this product, from a fellow user’s point of view.

And here’s my review:

1. Installation -
First I paid for the product online and the product support team instantly sent a product key to my email.
After unlocking the product and downloading it from their server, I started the installation process.
The installation process was fast and very smooth.
It only took less than a couple of minutes for the entire process to be finished.

Reimage review - Setup screenshot

Reimage Review – Welcome Screenshot

2. Features -
Reimage offers comprehensive repair for your computer, that is, it taps everything from registry to security.

It has the following features that allow for such comprehensive repair:

* Thorough Hardware Diagnostics

Reimage scans your computer for its hardware status and may actually detect hardware problems.
From video card specifications to current PC temperature,
reimage looks for issues that may affect your computer’s performance.
This feature is actually nonexistent in other PC repair products.
Although Reimage is unable to repair hardware defects, it can inform you of hardware problems in your computer, thereby enabling you to call on technical hardware support and prevent further hardware deterioration.

* Thorough Software Diagnostics

Reimage PC Repair Tool scans your registry and stored applications for possible errors, it even counts the number of times an application has crashed since last repair or before installation.

* Real Time Graphics and Problem Meters –

This is a very useful tool for Reimage users because it gives them the idea as to how severe is the damage that their computer has sustained so far.
It also informs the user as to what and where the problems are.

* Registry Clean-up and Restoration

Registry clean-up is common to most PC repair tools,
but Registry Restoration is currently being offered only by Reimage.
Clean up is basically the removal of detrimental content in your system.
When you clean-up your registry, certain elements which could be crucial to the system might be removed along with the problematic registry contents, this move could sometimes prove to be damaging to your system.

Registry restoration addresses this matter; when Reimage removes something, it compares the current structure of your registry to the structure of the ideal registry.
And once it has taken note of missing elements, Reimage then refills the lost crucial elements by downloading them from its servers and putting them into the right locations.

* Security Settings Repair

Almost all PC repair software do not include this feature. When I used Reimage, all throughout the process, security settings were constantly considered.
And personally I think this is a big plus for the product because it just shows how well balanced its features are.

3. Graphic User Interface -
Reimage’s GUI is modest, simple, and efficient.
It’s practically very convenient to use.
The program guides you throughout the process and there are no too technical settings.
I only made about 2-4 clicks while using the software, but you may interrupt or skip any part of the process you wish to.

Reimage GUI

4. Problems that Reimage can Fix -
After doing some research, I found out that Reimage has the ability to fix the following problems:

  • Faulty Operating System components
  • System crashes & freezes
  • Blue screens (software related)
  • Pop-Up Error Messages
  • Registry inconsistencies
  • DLL system files
  • Malicious malware/spyware
  • Damage caused by malicious programs
  • Problems with Windows Media Player/Windows Media Center
  • Problems with Windows Live Messenger (in most cases)

5. Processing Speed -
When I used the software it claimed that the repair would be finished in an hour, but two hours after the diagnosis, the repair was still unfinished even though I was using a 1.5 MBps broadband connection.
The whole repair process was finally done after 2 hours and 48 minutes, which was really a kind of a letdown for me.
Although the diagnostic part is relatively fast, the time it takes for the repair to be finished is somewhat too long and may prove to be inconvenient.

Another problem of Reimage when it comes to speed of repair is that it heavily depends on on-the-spot real time downloads of registry components, which in turn is heavily dependent on internet connection.
This may not come in handy especially when the internet connection is down or tend to be slow.

6. Limitations -
According to Reimage’s support site, Reimage cannot fix third-party software installed by the user.

The following are examples of software that Reimage is currently unable to fix:

  • Microsoft Windows Office
  • Skype
  • Adobe Software
  • ICQ
  • Winamp
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • iTunes
  • Anti-Virus Programs
  • Non-MS Defrag Programs
  • Non-MS Games
  • Windows Genuine Advantage Validation

Reimage is also unable to deal with other Operating Systems aside from Windows.

7. Windows Certified -
I researched a bit and found out that Reimage is actually Windows Certified for all versions of Windows XP, Vista, and Seven. A Windows certification is a good indication of a product’s good quality.
Such certifications are only given to products that have been proven to be safe and well-performing with Windows Operating Systems.


Overall, due to the complaints I received recently regarding the problems it caused, and the lack of good-enough customer support, I can’t recommend Reimage as the best pc repair tool out there. You should check for other alternatives.

I Hope my Reimage review helped you get a better understanding on how to solve your pc issues.

Good luck,


Ran, Reimage Review